Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA At University Pediatricians Autism Centers

We want parent involvement and input! Parents know their child best and we want children to be successful beyond the ABA Center so we include parents in our process every step of the way. We see children as young as 18 months and as old as 21 and depending on age and skill level we focus on communication, school readiness, social skills, independent living skills and pre-work skills. We provide both Clinic-based and In-Home ABA services.

Applied Behavior Analysis is an evidence-based treatment for autism spectrum disorder. ABA is the utilization of specific techniques and strategies to bring about meaningful and positive behavior changes.Programs based on ABA break down tasks into small incremental steps taught individually with steps slowly pieced together, becoming more complex Each treatment plan for a client is individually tailored based on their diagnosis. Clients typically receive 12-25 hours of intensive behavior intervention each week.

Skills taught vary based on the needs of the child but the focus is always to gain skills that will help the child gain independence and move to successful involvement in school and in the community. Parents are included in the treatment planning process and throughout the treatment process.

Skills addressed may include:

School and Work Readiness

• Communication • Focus on a Task
• Listening • Staying Seated
• Following Directions • Working with Others
• Maintaining Attention

Independent Living Skills

• Dressing • Household Chores
• Toileting • Following a Schedule
• Eating • Leisure Skills
• Personal Hygiene

Social Skills

• Playing with Peers • Joining Conversations
• Taking Turns • Initiating Conversations
• Understanding Another Person’s Perspective

Challenging Behavior Reduction

• Self-Harming Behaviors • Tantrums
• Destructive Behavior • Non-Compliance
• Aggression Toward Others

Starting ABA Therapy Services at University Pediatricians Autism Center

Once an authorization from the insurance company has been verified, a Behavior Consultant will contact you to schedule a Behavioral Assessment. The Behavioral Assessment assesses developmental skills and typically takes one or two hours to complete. The Assessment consists of a parent interview, structured observation of the child and the development of an individualized treatment plan. Once the treatment plan has been created, the Behavioral Consultant will meet with the family to review and discuss the plan. Lastly, the treatment plan is submitted to the insurance company for approval. We usually receive approval within 5-7 days of the submission of the plan.

Starting ABA Services at University Pediatricians Autism Center

Once authorizations from the client’s insurance company have been verified, a behavioral consultant will contact you to schedule a behavioral assessment. The behavioral assessment typically takes one to two hours to complete.

What is a behavioral assessment?

The behavioral assessment consists of a parent interview, behavioral observation of the child and the development of an individualized treatment plan. Once the treatment plan has been created, the behavioral consultant will meet with the family to review the treatment plan and go over the treatment program contract. The treatment plan is then submitted to the insurance company for authorization.

Parent Training

An autism diagnosis can be overwhelming for families. We provide individualized parent trainings as part of ABA therapy. Some of the topics covered in the parent trainings are: roadblocks to treatment, information about the diagnosis, intervention strategies and how to coordinate care with other treatment providers more effectively. We customize the parent trainings to meet you and your child’s needs.

Professionals in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is a graduate-level certification in applied behavior analysis, with a focus on autism treatment. BCBAs are responsible for developing and writing treatment plans for the children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). BCBAs also supervise the work of Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts, Registered Behavior Technicians, and others who implement the behavior therapy.

Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysis (BCaBA)

The Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) is an undergraduate-level certification in applied behavior analysis. Professionals who are certified at the BCaBA level must be supervised by someone certified at the BCBA/BCBA-D level. BCaBAs assist with clinical evaluations, assessments and supervise the work of Registered Behavior Technicians, and others who implement applied behavior analysis techniques and strategies.

Behavior Technician / Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

The Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) is a paraprofessional who implements the treatment plans created by the BCBA. The RBT/BT works one-on-one with a child diagnosed with autism and utilizes ABA techniques. Behavior technicians and registered behavior technicians are supervised by BCaBAs and BCBA/BCBA-D level professionals.

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