Medical Billing Clerk

Part-Time Medical Billing Clerk

Our Autism Center in Novi, MI is looking for a reliable Part-Time Billing Clerk to perform tasks that will help us monitor our revenues. You will be responsible for carrying out the following responsibilities to ensure timely reimbursement from private insurance companies for services rendered. This is a part-time 20 hour a week position with some flexibility scheduling during the traditional work-week.

As a billing clerk, you must be accurate and reliable in handling accounts and documents. Being good at math and a high degree of organizational ability are essential due to the great amount of financial information. Since you will be using technology to expedite your work, a degree of computer knowledge is required.

The goal is to contribute to the accurate preparation of bills receivable and safeguard the company’s income.

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Verify Insurance
  2. Inform clients of their out-of-pocket costs
  3. Enter client demographics, authorizations, claims and co-pays in the Billing Company’s EMR
  4. Work with Billing Company to address any claims issues
  5. Answer client’s questions regarding their bill
  6. Set up payment plans with parents
  7. Manage internal tracking of authorizations


  1. Proven experience as a Billing Clerk or general accounting experience
  2. Adherence to laws and confidentiality guidelines Proficient in MS Office (especially Excel)
  3. Excellent math ability
  4. Good organizational skills
  5. Excellent communication skills
  6. High school diploma; further education will be a plus

This is a new position and we’re looking for someone with:

  1. Experience with billing private insurance
  2. Strong customer service skills
  3. Good attention to detail
  4. Ability to develop organization system for daily work
  5. Ability to work independently
  6. Ability to work as part of a team