Lead Behavior Technician Position

This is a full-time position in which the staff provides behavioral intervention to children in multiple settings; assist with training, compiling data, developing program materials, and other tasks assigned by the BCBA Clinical Team Supervisor.


High school diploma or equivalent, have at least 1-year experience working with clients with ASD in an ABA setting. To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty of a Behavior Technician satisfactorily and be familiar with the UPAC training protocols.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations: Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

Essential Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Write programs 
  2. Complete IOA data 
  3. Training other staff – complete training rubrics 
  4. Graph program data 
  5. Complete ABLLS tasks under the supervision of a consultant 
  6. Filing DPNs and treatment documents 
  7. Updating billing sheets, DPNs, datasheets 
  8. Circle time oversight 
  9. Materials, organization, crafts, conduct circle time, group activities 
  10. Client file audits 
  11. Completion of client book checks
  12. Provide direct intervention services as scheduled with the cases assigned
    a. No less than 20 billable hours per week as needed for any client on your team
  13. Prep/clean up 
  14. Implementation of the treatment plan and data collection with integrity 
  15. Review data and programs daily as part of prep tasks 
  16. Active participation in supervision meetings with the consultant and respond to feedback as indicated by the supervisor/consultant 
  17. Meet family at the door for pick up and drop off at the scheduled time 
  18. Have positive and professional interactions with family during drop off and pick up 
  19. Contact the family if they are more than five minutes late for pick up or drop off – inform the consultant of attendance issues on the day it occurred 
  20. Complete all ADLS for the client as it is appropriate while they are in your care
  21. keep each client safe (no more than an arm’s length away from client at all times) 
  22. Complete daily documentation for insurance billing (DPN, billing sheet, sign in/out for the client) 
  23. Report problems or concerns to the consultant in a timely manner 
  24. Complete all training on the assigned timeline 
  25. Coordinate with leads and other behavior technicians on each assigned case and attend whole staff meetings

Job Type: Full-time