About University Pediatricians Autism Center

Our Mission

The Mission of the University Pediatricians Autism Center is to improve the quality of life for children with autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families by:

• Providing comprehensive, evidence-based, assessment, treatment and support for children with ASD and their families.
• Providing training to extend the knowledge and capabilities of the local professional community and thereby enhancing its capabilities to provide evidence-based services.
• Working with community agencies to improve access to services for all children and families.
• Conducting basic and translational ASD research.


University Pediatricians Autism Center, formally known as the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Autism Center was founded by Dr. Diane Chugani in 2008 with the support of Wayne State University School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics and Children’s Hospital of Michigan. Our team is well-educated in evidence-based, applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment services and autism diagnosis and evaluation services for children between 2-21 years old. We have two autism centers in the Metro-Detroit area located in Novi and Clinton Township, MI.

What Makes Us Different

We believe in a multi-disciplinary approach to autism evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Our behavior analysts collaborate with neurologists, psychologists and other medical professionals to provide the best treatment for our clients. We have well trained staff that are extremely passionate about providing quality health-care services to the metro-Detroit area!